Taz Chernill is a colourful boho mosaic of folk songs and original compositions blending unconventional harmonies and unexpected twists of rhythms reflecting different eras and cultures. Antique sounds will be bravely and boldly redefined through voices of modernity. The electro-acoustic sound of the quartet recycles the musical heritage of past centuries and stretches it to new limits through the vibes of modern urban lifestyle. 


  The band grew out of the long-year musical friendship of the vocalist Taisiia Chernyshova and guitarist Roman Gorich. They started out playing compositions of the great classical composers, like Mussorgsky, Prokofiev, Shostakovich and traditional Eastern-European music in their college years back in Moscow. Later on, this cooperation developed into a whole new world as they both moved to Germany , where their music got deeply influenced by the modern styles and Western cities.


  In 2016 Taz Chernill released their first EP "Burelome", presenting acoustic versions of their neo-world music songs. In 2018 came EP "AMORFIN" on the label MASTERSKAYA (Ivan Dorn).  Besides various festival appearances (Summerklaeng Festival, Asphalt Festival, Zugvögel Festival, Nur Live Festival, LiederLauschen Festival, Jazz Against The Machine, Eurus Festival), they tour all around Germany and are a regular guest of the Russian Poetry Jam (Cologne, Frankfurt).



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